New Partnership With Tim Elmes Group

Daraayu Villa, one of the ultimate luxury destinations globally, is proud to announce its partnership with a leading luxury real estate agency. As the launch of our brand-new luxury resort approaches, we have been tirelessly working to promote our launch all around the world, and now we are proud to announce our partnership with the Tim Elmes Group.

Tim Elmes Group is known as the top real estate company in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, providing luxury homes and experiences to some of the wealthiest and most sophisticated clients from all over the United States. By partnering with the Tim Elmes Group we will be able to make our luxury resort accessible to discerning luxury clientele in South Florida.

Daraayu Villa will feature magnificent amenities, infinity pools, and beautiful interior design for all of our luxury suites. In addition our resort offers exceptional programming, including spa and relaxation treatment, fine dining, and outdoor adventures. Our staff is trained to be fully attentive to your every need, and will make sure that you have the best time and return from your stay fully rejuvenated. Luxury means getting all the details right, and our retreat sure the do that.

We are excited to gain the Tim Elmes Group as a partner and to work with such a prestigious and renowned luxury real estate company in bringing our resort to clients in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and all of Florida.

Ubud: Hidden Gem of Bali


A thriving center of crafts and considered to be the cultural heart of Bali, the village of Ubud with its narrow streets that obstruct the tourist buses, is located in the mountains, just an hour’s drive from the airport.  Its scenic surroundings and traditional way of life, appeals to people from all walks of life.  Ubud offers a broad spectrum of activities ranging from historic and cultural to modern. From lounging in a café overlooking the rice fields to shopping for handmade traditional items, and experiencing the local cuisine there is something to keep everyone in the family busy in Ubud: Hidden Gem of Bali.


Potential Activities in Ubud: Hidden Gem of Bali


Sacred-Monkey-Forest-Ubud-Bali Sacred Monkey Forest:

This forest sanctuary of very old banyan trees sits on 27 acres of protected grounds and is home to 605 macaque monkeys. The Sacred Monkey Forest, situated just minutes from the main strip of Ubud, is also the site of three 14th century holy temples, which look like something out of the Indiana Jones movies.

  • Hubud:

    A digital co-work space that operates like an office while giving its inhabitants the opportunity to live on a tropical island. Equipped with the most modern amenities like high speed internet, copy and fax machines, printers, lockers, meeting rooms and all the coffee and tea you can drink, Hubud allows you to carry on your work, and conduct business without having to dress for the office!

    It is also located 50 meters from the Sacred Monkey Forest! Thus, at times you might see a monkey or two wandering near by, it’s a sight to see. The work area building is constructed from recycled wood and bamboo. The spacious, open plan, with unhindered views of trees and fields of rice paddies, yields a playful ambiance. Additionally, there are hosts of events, workshops, courses and not to mention parties arranged for the community members. Hubud offers a number of membership plans in various price ranges.

  • The Yoga Barn:

    The complete yoga and healing destination in Ubud, offering 75 classes a week at every level. Housed on 50 acres and surrounded by their own organic farm, and rice paddies, the Yoga Barn still clings to the traditional Balinese spirit. You can choose from a variety of healing treatments at the holistic healing center, or enjoy a mini vacation at the onsite accommodation while experiencing “yoga in Bali”.
  • Amazing Food:

    The number of excellent food places in Ubud is astonishing! Whether you want to stick to a western menu or prefer to try the different local dishes, the variety is endless. The impeccable ethnic dishes including the slow cooked ‘bebek betutus’ duck, the much favored roast pig locally named ‘babi guling’ and mie gorengare are all modestly priced in the numerous street side cafés. A large portion of the ingredients for the dishes is sourced locally on a daily basis, so everything is really fresh. Don’t forget to drink green coconut milk, which is highly nutritious and keeps you hydrated.

Regardless of what you are searching for, from lounging near a waterfall to peaceful retreat of yoga and work space that allows you to do it your way, Ubud has it all.